September Letter To The Editor

One of the more disgusting and self-serving Right-Wing lies propagated by the GOP and Conservative pundits is that the wealthy have “earned it” and somehow the less affluent just haven’t tried hard enough, or worse yet, are too lazy or not motivated enough to make it big in this country.

Why non-wealthy Conservatives believe this load of horse dung is hard to understand.  Maybe they are just hard-wired to always react to fear and anger instead of logic and reason.

For this obscene idea to have any merit whatsoever, one would have to believe that the “playing field” we are all born onto is even.  In fact, the ONLY way we “are all created equal” is the fact that every human being is born with some level of potential for some manner of accomplishment.  Beyond that, nothing is even close to equal.

How many of today’s wealthy were simply born into wealth and never had to earn anything?  To use a football “playing field” analogy, those born into wealth are born already in the end zone doing their touchdown dance.  Most of those born into the middle class are born on a decent field, but at their own 20 yard line with 80 yards to go.  Those born into poverty?  They also have 80 yards to go, but the football field they are born onto is made of quicksand!  And sadly it is almost impossible for the poor to fulfill their potential, and that is bad for ALL of us!


Simple Truths Number Three

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American Political Myths – Trickle-Down Economics

This one should be a no-brainer.  Just think about it.  What will stimulate the economy more, giving a million dollars to 100 people who already have millions, or giving a hundred dollars to a million people who have very little?  Which group of people would be more likely to spend the money and thus stimulate the economy?

Even if the millionaires do spend the money, their impact on the economy is aptly described by the word “trickle.”  Limited, slow, and short-lived.  Which spending do you think would stimulate the economy faster and more completely, a hundred millionaires buying a new yacht, or a million people buying a new toaster and coffee maker?

Yes, this is a little simplistic, and there are other ways that the wealthy stimulate the economy.  They invest, own businesses,  and buy big-ticket items.  But the real strength and health of the economy comes from small businesses and consumer spending.  Republican politicians, and the big-business and wealthy conservatives that back and control them, are hell-bent on increasing their wealth with tax cuts and deregulation, and they want to pay for it by cutting entitlement programs and not cutting taxes for the middle class and the poor.  This is the opposite of what will actually work.  And the sad thing is that this only helps big business and the wealthy in the short-run.  In the long-run, a bad economy is bad for all Americans, including big business and the wealthy.

The selling of trickle-down economics has been a textbook example of masterful deception and political spin.  The Republicans are very good at deception, but their success in deceiving the American people has only been possible with the help of mass media.  As long as they are allowed to tell complete lies via the mass media without having the truth pointed out in rebuttal, the American people are put into the position of having to to the media’s job of fact-checking, or they end up being deceived and voting against their own best interests.

Don’t be deceived!  Trickle-Down Economics only helps big business and the wealthy.  For everyone else, Bubble-Up Economics is what the economy really needs!