It’s Not That Complicated!

There are 2 ways the 1% in this country can maintain and increase their wealth.  They can buy politicians and steal from the 99% by reducing wages and ending social programs, OR they can help the 99% become more affluent by increasing wages and paying higher taxes so the government can maintain social programs.

Now, the first way is quick and easy, but not sustainable in the long term.  It causes much hardship and harm, and bypasses the economic engine through which consumers buy products and services.  The 2nd way seems counter-intuitive, but in the long run is the stronger and better way for the 1% to increase their wealth (even though they pay higher taxes).  Buy funneling money through the economic engine and helping the 99% have more money to spend, value is added because the demand for products sparks innovation and investment (even if businesses have to take out loans, which is good for the financial industry as well).

Simply moving money from the 99% to the 1% via higher taxes, lower wages, and less government spending on social programs does NOT add value to the system, it simply pads the bank accounts of the wealthy.  Consumers have no money to spend, and no business person in their right mind is going to innovate and invest in new jobs if there is no demand for their products.  On the other side of the coin, no bank is going to loan money to consumers with low-paying jobs just to put food on their table.

The more affluent the 99% become, the more spending there is, the stronger the economy becomes, and the wealthier the 99% become, but at the same time, the entire country has a better standard of living.  Even if you believe in Capitalism and the free market, consumer demand is the key to success, not fat bank accounts for the 1% while the 99% remain destitute.