Enough is Enough!

In response to a letter to the editor in a local newspaper yesterday, one that ranted on against Obama by listing every crazy conspiracy every invented, I sent in the following letter of my own (we’ll see if they actually print it):

“It is more than disappointing to see such baseless anti-Obama ravings in the local newspaper (“Obama’s Secrets” 3/6/13), it’s downright disgusting and subversive. Face it, the only thing questionable about Obama to such folks is that he is Black. Obama is far from perfect, but he has more integrity, honesty, brains, and yes Americanism, in his little finger than Bush, his entire administration, and all of today’s Congressional Republicans, have in their entire bodies combined.

Beyond the fact of legal citizenship, being American is more about the basic philosophies of equality, opportunity, freedom, liberty, and doing what’s right, than anything else. By that measure, Obama is more American than the entire GOP. Sorry to be so harsh, but I am sick and tired of Conservatives believing the multitude of lies that vindicate their irrational hatred of government, their impossible insistence on having everything exactly as it was in the 1700’s, and their short-sighted and narrow-minded evaluations of the issues of today, while destroying the country and lives of millions in the process. You can lead Conservatives to the truth, but you cannot stop them from denying it.

The realities are that the America people had the good sense to vote for a liberal and progressive agenda in 2012. Only GOP-led state redistricting kept the House out of the hands of the Democrats as well as the Presidency and the Senate. Democrats got more votes, but Republicans got more seats. Government of, for, and by the people my butt!”


The Insanity of Short-Term Memory

If you burn your hand on the stove and after trying several remedies it still hurts too much, it would be insane to put your hand back into the flame as a way to ease the pain. Americans are still hurting very much from the crash of the economy, and according to the pundits, Americans are about to “stick their hands back into the fire” by electing Republicans during the mid-term elections. Now, that’s insane!

There is no question that the financial meltdown was the result of extreme and risky behavior on the part of Wall Street and the big banks. That behavior was only possible because of the 8 years of deregulation and “in bed with Wall Street and big business” government during the Bush Administration and Republican control of Congress. And worse yet, even now that the Democrats have taken control, the Republicans continue to fight tooth and nail to stop any new regulation, to protect Wall Street and big business, and to stop any reform. They also obstruct and fight against any and all legislation meant to help the economy or improve the lives of Americans. They would rather the entire country go to Hell in a hand-basket than let Obama and the Democrats have any success at all. But, of course, the wealthy will be the last to go. Now, that’s insane!

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “so far, change sucks!” Talk about memory loss! Have we forgotten the nightmare of the Bush years? Yes, the economy still sucks, but are people seriously suggesting America is not in a better place?? Just how long do people think it takes to unravel 8 years of destruction, corruption, and crimes against the Constitution and America? Torture, illegal wiretaps, lying to the American people in order to invade another country, a redistribution of wealth from the middle class and poor to those who are already wealthy (the Bush tax cuts), exposing a CIA agent to take revenge on her husband for not supporting an illegal war, politicizing the Justice Department and threatening the very structure of our form of government in the process, and much more. That was just the short list. Just Google “The crimes of the Bush Administration” and see for yourself.

Hands down, the Bush Administration was the most criminal, the most power-grabbing, the most secretive, the most deceitful, the most destructive, and the most un-American in history. And today, the ONLY thing the Republican Party is offering America is a return to the Bush years. Voting for a Republican in the mid-terms is insanity! Americans who want to switch back to Republican rule seem to have no memory beyond yesterday. Insanity!