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George Orwell Got it Wrong

Yes, 1984 has come and gone without the “Big Brother” nightmare America that Orwell envisioned.  But now we are beginning to see the possibility that he got more than the timing wrong.  With the rash of radical Right-Wing women coming onto center stage in American politics recently, perhaps we should be worrying about “Big Sister” instead of “Big Brother?”

Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Sharron Angle, and Christine O’Donnell in the political arena, and of course the deception merchants like Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin, all seem to have a lot to say about liberty, freedom, and traditional/family values.  They are using the “good old days” illusion to pour salt into America’s current economic wounds in order to advanced a radical agenda that will hurt most of those who support them.

My first question might be… If they want to return to traditional values and the family ethics of the past, then whatever happened to “A woman’s place is in the home?”  I do not subscribe to that philosophy, and neither do other liberals, but it IS a traditional Conservative value.  So, why are Sarah and the others splashed all over the media?

But that is not what makes the idea of a Orwellian “Big Sister” future seem like something to worry about.  To illustrate what does, I am going to speak directly to these women, the Tea Party, and all their supporters.  As a tax-paying American citizen and Vietnam veteran, I am making the following personal demands of these people:

  1. Do NOT try and restrict my behavior and take away my rights to fit into YOUR value system and call if freedom!
  2. Do NOT tell me or anyone else who they can love and call it a Christian act!
  3. Do NOT narrow the definition of what it is to be an American and call it Liberty!
  4. Do NOT give my freedom of speech to corporations at the same time you are taking freedom of religion away from my Muslim neighbor.
  5. Do NOT bring YOUR bible and YOUR religion into MY government and call it American values.
  6. Do NOT use “big government” as an excuse to hand all power and control over to big business.
  7. Do NOT pick and choose which amendments in MY Bill of Rights to take literally (like the 2nd amendment), and which to misinterpret in order to put YOUR religion and values above those of other Americans.

The bottom line is that this new wave of Republican politicians and Conservative activists are all about forcing their morals, their values, their religion, and their twisted vision of America onto to everyone else.  To do this they are hijacking such revered concepts as liberty, freedom, and family, redefining them into something that only suits their twisted purposes.  They are hijacking the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the other amendments as well.

Big Sister is watching you!