March Letter To The Editor

So, Trump supporters and Conservatives – are you capable of being honest with yourself?  If yes, then you know that, if Obama had issued a tweet about Bush like Trump did about Obama, he would have been impeached and you folks would have been in an uproar, possibly an armed rebellion!

In fact, there are hundreds of things Trump has done or said, as President, as a candidate and before, which done or said by ANY democrat at ANY level of government would have resulted in that politician being run out of office on a rail and out of politics for good.  You know it’s true.

So, what is wrong with you people?  How can you give Trump a pass on so many things that you would condemn any Democrat for?  How can so-called Christians support a man who was caught on tape saying he tried to “move on” a married women “like a bitch” and that he likes to just grab women by the genitals?  How can Fiscal Conservatives support someone who filed for bankruptcy 6 times?  How can family value advocates support someone who has been married 3 times and cheated on his first wife?

One Conservative told me he doesn’t like having money taken from his pocket and given to someone else.  Is that what you people think social programs do?  I’ve got news for you, that’s exactly what the GOP does, but the “someone else” with them is the very wealthy!


$1.5 Billion – For What??

According to donation statistics for the 2016 election, just under 1.5 Billion dollars in campaign contributions was raised. For a moment, forget about Republican vs Democrat and think about that number. The percentage of the US population that donated $200 or more was just 0.68%! Only one tenth of one percent of the adult population gave $2,700 or more. Just 2,910 donors gave $100,000 or more.

Those are the numbers, so what’s your reaction? My first reaction is to think about all the good that $1.5B could do if it wasn’t wasted on politics. My second reaction is that a tiny number of people are investing huge sums of money into political campaigns, and to what end? It is folly to believe that these folks are investing these huge sums without expecting something in return.

Now add in the facts that most elected politicians begin worrying about reelection the moment they take office, and that getting elected in our current system requires huge sums of money. It does not take a great stretch of the imagination to come to the conclusion that less than 3000 people actually control our government, We The People be damned!

I also have a third reaction. Given that almost all of the money raised is spent on the campaigns, just what is this $1.5B being spent on? Who is receiving and profiting from this spending? Is this a whole cottage industry that contributes to the economy and creates jobs? The answer to this is probably ‘yes’, and this may be the only positive aspect of this entire mess of an election process.

However, because the money is basically being spent on the creation and dissemination of information to American voters, via media outlets, campaign speeches, and thousands of other avenues, there is one salient fact that is so caustic and destructive that any small benefit from all this spending becomes irrelevant. What fact am I talking about?

The fact is that there are absolutely no limitations on, or controls over, the validity and truthfulness of the information being disseminated! Politics is exempt from any “Truth In Advertising” regulations. There are no consequences for committing slander, libel, or defamation of character when it comes to politics. So basically, $1.5B can be, and mostly is, spent on deceiving the American voter. Whomever spends the most on the biggest lies wins! Thus a phrase I like to repeat: “A voter deceived is a right to vote denied!”

There is at least one caveat to all of this. Like everything else in life, it is not this simple and straight-forward. Yes, it’s true that in 2016, the Democrats raised more and spent more than the Republicans. And it is probably true that the Democrats had as many big-time donors as well. But it would be a very large disservice to the truth and reality to simply lump both Parties and all politicians into the same bucket of crap. Yes, we MUST get the big money out of politics and have publicly funded campaigns and somehow take all the lies out of politics, but if you pay attention to the content and tone of Republican campaigns vs. Democrat campaigns, and more importantly, look at the actions of these politicians while in office, it is crystal clear that “We The People” are VASTLY better served by the Democrats than the Republicans. As long as the GOP is in control, our election system will only get worse. The only hope lies with getting Democrats in control first, flawed as they are, and then work towards a better system.


October Letter To The Editor

Face it, Donald Trump is a selfish, narcissistic egomaniac.  He is not the kid who takes his ball and goes home when he loses, he’s the kid who incites his team to beat the crap out of the other team when he loses.  He is not holding political rallies, these are lynch mobs where he is the main inciter of violence.  If you think Trump supporters are not prone to violence, just try wearing a Hillary T-shirt to a Trump rally.

What Trump is doing is equivalent to building a campfire in an underground ammo bunker.  Is anyone going to be surprised at the explosion?  But Trump’s “Scorched-Earth” campaign is an extension of the GOP’s “Party of No” strategy over the last decade.  Obstructionism, unprecedented use of the filibuster, shutting down the government, and sabotaging everything that Obama and Democrats try to accomplish are just some of the childish, tantrum-like actions of the GOP in recent years.

Everything that Trump says, as well as most of what the GOP says, are lies, deceptions, and falsehoods.  If you tried to redact out the lies in a printed version of ANY of Trump’s speeches, you would need a paint brush instead of a magic marker.  At best, Trump supporters are blind and the rest of Conservatives are seriously misguided.  So angry and hostile, but for the wrong reasons and at the wrong things.  The GOP’s strategy?  Screw things up as much as possible for people, and then blame Democrats, Liberals, and minorities.


More Or Less…

More or less…..

What would you like to see change in this country? DO you think we need less gun control, more tax cuts for the wealthy, less immigration reform, more deportations, less rights for the LGBT community, more tax loop holes for large corporations, less regulation for Wall Street, more wars, less environmental protections, more subsidies for the oil companies, less affordable health care, more profits for insurance companies, less diplomacy, and more voter suppression?

Do you think we should build a wall along the Mexican border, close our borders to Muslims, outlaw all abortions, make Christianity our national religion, outlaw same-sex marriage, abolish the EPA, cut Social Security, end Medicare, end the food stamp program, abolish planned parenthood, privatize education, privatize the Postal Service, and repeal Obamacare?

That is the Republican agenda, definitely NOT the Democratic agenda, and if you think that is the direction our country should take, there are three ways you can help this to happen – 1) Vote for Donald Trump and all Republicans, 2) Don’t vote at all, or 3) Vote third-party.

This is not a threat, it is not brow-beating, it is not twisting your arm, and it is certainly not trying to tell you what to do with your vote. This is just a simple statement of a statistical fact. It is the reality of the situation. If you do not like the message, don’t shoot the messenger.

But I will say this to Democrats, Liberals, Greens, and Progressives who are thinking of voting 3rd-party or not voting at all. That is absolutely your right, and you can do whatever you want with your vote. BUT, if Trump wins and the Republicans have control of Congress and all of the above things begin to come to pass, THEN those who did not vote or voted 3rd-party had DAMN well better accept part of the responsibility for what is happening. Mayby only a tiny part of the responsibility, but you will own it.

This also only a simple statement of statistical fact – every available vote that does not go to Hillary and Democrats is one less vote that Trump and the Republicans need to win., and That’s A Fact Jack.


Cut Through The Crap!

OK, let’s cut through the crap. There is so much bullshit flying around these days that it’s hard to see the tip of your own nose. I’ve only been paying attention to politics since the 2000 election, but it didn’t take me long to realize that Conservatives are idiots, hard-wired to self-destruct. But when I hear Progressives and Liberals wringing their hands and wailing about how terrible the Democratic Party is, and talking about flocking to a completely non-viable alternative like the Green Party because the Dems are as bad as the Repugnants, it makes me sick. All because their favorite candidate did not win the primary, or because the Dems didn’t go far enough on their pet issues, or because the Dems caved in and compromised too much, or because who knows what. Evidently the disease called Conservatism is catching, and the first sign that you are getting it is the loss of long-term memory.

So, forget all the rhetoric, and only consider the actions of politicians in all levels of government, from the small town councilman to the President of the United States. When you consider what actually goes on in Government, who votes how, what legislation is introduced by whom and blocked by whom, what policies are supported by whom and fought against by whom, and just about everything that goes on, then it should be crystal clear that the very WORST thing you can say about Democrats is that they can be disappointing and weak, while the very BEST thing you can say about Republicans is that their evil can sometimes be stopped or at least slowed down.

So, ask yourself, just which side of the isle in Government is fighting for equality – economic equality, social equality, woman’s equality, LBGT equality, equality for minorities, equality in education, equality in opportunity – and which side of the isle fights against it? Which side supports immigration reform and which side blocks it. Which side poisoned the water in Flint, disbanded local elected governments and installed emergency managers in Michigan, and is suppressing the vote of minorities and the poor? Which side tries to regulate Wall Street and greedy corporations and which side tries to deregulate them even more? Which side causes recessions and which side gets us out of them? Which side is trying to abolish abortion rights? Which side justifies and uses torture, committing war crimes?Which side lied to Congress about WMDs in Iraq in order to start a war? Which side is ALWAYS trying to cut taxes for the wealthy and which side fights for middle class tax cuts? Which side blocks any and all attempts at campaign finance reform? Which side has committed unprecedented obstructionism, unprecedented use of the filibuster, and unprecedented disrespect for the President of the United States? Which side promises to put a gun in the hands of every mentally disturbed loner and no-fly list member, and which side fights for sensible gun laws? Which side wants to alter the Constitution to better reflect Christianity and tried to alter it to define marriage as only between a man and a woman? Which side would throw out separation of church and state if they could? Which side wants to REDUCE the federal minimum wage and which side wants to raise it? Which side thinks that corporations are people and should have all the rights of an individual citizen? Which side would kill Social Security and Medicare, and which side wants to expand them? Which side wants to make health care harder to get and more expensive while enriching insurance companies? Which side wants to defund Planned Parenthood, close abortion clinics, get rid of food stamps, discriminate against Muslims, deport millions of illegal immigrants, build a wall on the border, and kill the labor unions? Which side started spying on American citizens?

Oh Hell! I’m getting too old and no longer have enough energy to finish this list. Suffice to say that anyone who tries to equate the two major political parties in the United States is clinically insane. It’s not like comparing apples to oranges, it’s like comparing matter to anti-matter or America to Nazi Germany or God to the Devil! You pick your own analogy! A house divided cannot stand, and a Perty divided cannot win – #VoteGreenGetRed


March Letter To The Editor

My latest…

I have to shudder whenever I hear someone use the tired, worn-out, and deceptive cliché “all politicians lie.”  That’s a classic example of lying with the truth.  Saying that all politicians lie is like saying that all NBA players are tall.  But if height were lies, the GOP would be the Manute Bol’s and Yao Ming’s of Congress while the Democrats would be the Muggsy Bouges’s and Spud Webb’s!

Sure, politicians on both sides of the isle lie as individuals about some scandal or fraud, but the GOP lies in unity as a PARTY.  Their entire existence depends on weaving a web of lies to keep the Conservative Nation living in a false reality, and thus continue their voting for Republicans.  There are only two kinds of Republican voters in America, the very few wealthy and powerful deceivers, and the very many well-meaning, but deceived voters.

It would not surprise me to learn that the secret motto of the GOP was “If at first you don’t deceive, lie, lie again!”  I know there are a lot of government haters out there, but the only thing wrong with the government is that those who hate the government keep electing Republicans who screw up the government!  It’s all controlled by the wealthy and powerful,  This is not jealousy talking.  Don’t hate the wealthy for having made it up the ladder of success, hate them for doing everything they can to pull that ladder up behind them so no one else can follow.


Some Of My Recent Thoughts

Recently posted by me in FaceBook:

War on women, voter suppression, unprecedented obstructionism, anti-immigration reform, anti-minimum wage increase, anti-unions, anti-student loan reform, anti-science, anti-worker, climate-change denial, birther supporters, pro-wealthy, pro tax cuts for the rich, anti tax cuts for the middle class, racists, legitimate rape, filibuster addicts, Tea Party slaves, and still the GOP is competitive? Are Conservatives terminally mentally ill???

The potential of any nation is equal to the summation of the potentials of each and every citizen of that nation. Since potential is non-transferable, when any citizen falls short of their potential, so does the nation.

THAT is why the Liberals have it right – for the good of the nation, it’s government should be doing all it can to see that each and every citizen has the best chance possible to reach their potential. THAT means removing the obstacles, such as HARDSHIP, and opening the path to accomplishment by providing OPPORTUNITY.

The side of today’s issues that the Liberals and Progressives are on is all about reducing hardship and providing opportunity to those having the most difficulty reaching their potential. The wealthy and powerful have already gone a long way towards reaching their potential. The middle class and the poor still have a very long way to go. Conservatives and the GOP fight to give MORE to those who already HAVE, and THAT is the OPPOSITE of what needs to be done to help America reach her full potential.

The only “equality” we are all born with is the fact that we all have some level of potential. Nothing else is “equal.” The circumstances we are born into varies from abject poverty to wealth & power. Those circumstances go a long way in determining just how close to fulfilling our potential we will be able to get, and how difficult it will be.

There is no law of nature that states that the greatest potential will be born into the best circumstances. Great potential can appear anywhere and in anyone. So, it behooves a society, a nation, a species, to nurture and help those who are born into the most limiting circumstances to ensure that great potential is not lost or suppressed.

Anyone who does not vote in this, or any, election has no standing for complaining about the result or impact (immediate or long-term) from the election.  Unfortunately, those in this country who understand the truth of those results and impacts are also the least likely to vote. Those who are blinded to the truth by hate, fear, racism, and anger are the most likely to vote.  The GOP knows all of this and takes full advantage of the situation. The only way to stop them is for thinking Americans to get out and vote in greater numbers than those who only think with their brain stems.



Simple Truths Number 5

A series of simple statements, each on a graphic.

Feel free to download and/or share!



American Political Myths – Both Parties are Equal

How often have we heard things like “all politicians lie” or “all politicians are corrupt?”  Is there truth in these statements?  Yes, some, but these statements also represent a classic fallacious argument and political tactic meant to deceive and manipulate.  Pointing out that a characteristic or two exists in two different groups, and using that to equate the two groups in all things is fallacious.  To insinuate that the American people would be just as bad off with Democrats as with Republicans in Congress because there are Democrats who have lied and been corrupt, just as there has been Republicans, is a very big deception.

There are many variables not being examined, and the tactic relies on the listeners making assumptions about those variables.  How many Democrats are lying vs Republicans?  How many lies are they telling?  What are they lying about, and what is the impact of those lies?  What is the motivation behind, and the goal of the lying?  A thorough examination of these variables to reveal the truth (instead of making assumptions), would result in a large majority of Republican-supporting Americans realizing that they have been deceived and manipulated.

The Republican Party is the party of the few, while the Democrats are the party of the many.  That is a fact that would mean very few Republicans being elected, if the fact was widely known and believed.  As a result, political survival dictates that the Republicans must lie, deceive, manipulate, and use hateful and racist tactics to cause enough Americans to vote against their own self interests for them to get elected.  Unfortunately, the “few” that the Republicans really represent are the wealthy, powerful, and elite in this country.  These people have the money and control of most of the information channels through which Americans get their information.  They can fund Republican election campaigns and disseminate the lies and deceptions to millions.

As I have said before, there are really only two kinds of Americans who support Republican politicians –  those deceiving and those being deceived.  The Republican base includes many extreme and single-issue groups, such as the gun lobby, anti-abortionists, and far-right religious groups.  Republicans will support the goals of these groups as long as it does not interfere with their real work of making the wealthy even richer and freeing big corporations to do anything they want.  These groups are probably deceiving themselves, blinded by their own irrationality, more then they are being deceived by the Republican politicians.

A much larger part of the Republican base are the good, solid, mostly rural, conservatively-bent, middle-class Americans who have strong beliefs in morality, family values, individualism, and American patriotism.  These are the real victims of the massive deception and manipulation campaign that has been perpetrated by Republican politicians and their big business and wealthy backers for years.  These are the people who are voting against their own self-interest based on false beliefs.  These are the ones being harmed the most.

The deception is massive, ongoing, and has been years in the making.  The very fact that the word “liberal” has become a dirty word is a testament to the power of deception from the Right.  Heinous ideas such as “people are poor not because they lack opportunity but because they lack initiative,” “people on welfare are only milking the system, “trickle-down economics is the best way to run the economy,” “homosexuality is a choice and will ruin the American family,” “illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans,” and many more are not only blatantly false, but they turn concepts like tolerance, compassion, and helping your neighbor into evil things.

But even more effective and pervasive are the millions of hints, insinuations, arguments, and claims, all of which are false, that the Republican politicians and the Conservative media assault millions of Americans with on a daily basis.  This ongoing effort has turned the finest philosophies and concepts upon which this country was founded into what is wrong with America.  How twisted is that?  Tolerance, compassion, and open-mindedness has become “bleeding-heart liberalism.”  Social programs helping the most desperate and destitute Americans have become “entitlement programs” that are dragging down the economy.  Sexual orientations and religious preferences have become crimes against God and America.

More recently, with the success of Clinton and the coming of Obama, this Conservative/Republican power structure, which thought it had achieved full control and a “permanent Republican majority”, has become more and more angry and desperate.  They have stepped up their game, not only in frequency and volume, but also in their extremism.  Their lies have become blatant and less disguised, their rhetoric has become more extreme, un-American, and violent, and their lies have become larger, broader, and more dangerous.  Using the fully-owned and controlled media outlets such as Fox News, and the barely-sentient pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, they are making even more extensive use of hate, racism, fear-mongering, intolerance, elitism, and any & all tactics they can come up with to deceive Americans into screwing their own pooch!

Democrats may embellish once in a while and a few members may go over the legal line once in a while, but overall, the Democrats are representing the middle class and poor with their efforts in Congress.  Democrats are trying to build the strong and free America envisioned by the Founding Fathers.  Republicans, on the other hand, are lock-step in a vicious class-warfare.  They act as if they were a single entity.  They freely use lies, deception, and manipulation to harm the vast majority of Americans.

The two parties are NOT equal!!!


Change We Need

Republicans have a pretty sweet deal. They obstruct, lie, deceive, filibuster, and completely resist ANYTHING the Democrats try to do in Congress, and to appease them almost everything passed in Congress is watered down and made much less effective. Then when things do not get better because of the weakened legislation, the Republicans can say “see, we told you this is not good. We were right to fight against it.” They come out smelling like a rose and the Dems look bad.

There is ONLY one solution. Obama and the Democrats need to forget bipartisanship, they need to quit worrying about how many votes they are going to get, and they need to start using every process, trick, and procedure available to get done what they know is right! They need to fight the lies with facts and the truth, call out the Republicans for their lies, and adopt any and all tactics that will be effective in countering the obstructionism and lies of the Right. Let the Republicans filibuster all they want. Maybe those who believe their lies will start to see the light of truth. There are only two kinds of Republicans – those who lie and those who believe the lies.