Change We Need

Republicans have a pretty sweet deal. They obstruct, lie, deceive, filibuster, and completely resist ANYTHING the Democrats try to do in Congress, and to appease them almost everything passed in Congress is watered down and made much less effective. Then when things do not get better because of the weakened legislation, the Republicans can say “see, we told you this is not good. We were right to fight against it.” They come out smelling like a rose and the Dems look bad.

There is ONLY one solution. Obama and the Democrats need to forget bipartisanship, they need to quit worrying about how many votes they are going to get, and they need to start using every process, trick, and procedure available to get done what they know is right! They need to fight the lies with facts and the truth, call out the Republicans for their lies, and adopt any and all tactics that will be effective in countering the obstructionism and lies of the Right. Let the Republicans filibuster all they want. Maybe those who believe their lies will start to see the light of truth. There are only two kinds of Republicans – those who lie and those who believe the lies.