March Letter To The Editor

So, Trump supporters and Conservatives – are you capable of being honest with yourself?  If yes, then you know that, if Obama had issued a tweet about Bush like Trump did about Obama, he would have been impeached and you folks would have been in an uproar, possibly an armed rebellion!

In fact, there are hundreds of things Trump has done or said, as President, as a candidate and before, which done or said by ANY democrat at ANY level of government would have resulted in that politician being run out of office on a rail and out of politics for good.  You know it’s true.

So, what is wrong with you people?  How can you give Trump a pass on so many things that you would condemn any Democrat for?  How can so-called Christians support a man who was caught on tape saying he tried to “move on” a married women “like a bitch” and that he likes to just grab women by the genitals?  How can Fiscal Conservatives support someone who filed for bankruptcy 6 times?  How can family value advocates support someone who has been married 3 times and cheated on his first wife?

One Conservative told me he doesn’t like having money taken from his pocket and given to someone else.  Is that what you people think social programs do?  I’ve got news for you, that’s exactly what the GOP does, but the “someone else” with them is the very wealthy!


Are You Tired Yet??

My February letter to the editor:

So, Conservatives, are you tired yet?  Tired of the spoiled immature brat who grew up into a bully, and that you elected?  Tired of Trump pointing fingers and blaming everyone other than himself?  Tired of your incompetent President and his impotent Administration angering America’s long-standing allies and giving huge recruitment gifts to Isis and terrorists.  Tired of the Executive Branch of your government acting like The Three Stooges without the humor?  Tired of the petty, vindictive, clueless, blustering, egomaniac you elected to be your President?  Tired of the lack of respect and outright attacks on our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and every tradition, check, and safety net that history has shown us to be necessary to prevent a Democracy from slipping into a dictatorship?  Tired of the man who praised leaks of information when it was hurting his opponent, but when they are about him, he calls them illegal and wants to prosecute?  Tired of someone stupid enough to rant about classified information being leaked, and then calling the reporting of that same information “fake news” in the same sentence?  Are you tired of your President getting caught in a flat-out lie in a press conference, and shrugging it off by saying “that’s what someone told me”?  Tired of a President more concerned with lying about his “big election win” than solving problems?

Well, don’t blame me, I voted for a qualified, experienced grown-up, not a Russia-sponsored snake-oil salesman who pulled off history’s greatest, and most dangerous con job!



Terms such as hypocrisy and double standard are woefully inadequate to describe today’s Conservatives and the GOP.  If Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or ANY non Right-Wing candidate had done or said ANY of a hundred things that Donald Trump said and did during his campaign, that candidate would have been eviscerated by the Right and the media, and not only would have lost the election, but would have been run completely out of public service on a rail!

You would be hard pressed to find anything that Conservatives have complained about or attacked a Democrat for that Trump has not only done, but has taken to a whole new level.  A Trump speech is like demonstration of everything that Conservatives and the GOP have always claimed to hate.  Family values?  Integrity?  Fiscal responsibility?  These are evidently only required of a candidate that is a Democrat.


October Letter To The Editor

Face it, Donald Trump is a selfish, narcissistic egomaniac.  He is not the kid who takes his ball and goes home when he loses, he’s the kid who incites his team to beat the crap out of the other team when he loses.  He is not holding political rallies, these are lynch mobs where he is the main inciter of violence.  If you think Trump supporters are not prone to violence, just try wearing a Hillary T-shirt to a Trump rally.

What Trump is doing is equivalent to building a campfire in an underground ammo bunker.  Is anyone going to be surprised at the explosion?  But Trump’s “Scorched-Earth” campaign is an extension of the GOP’s “Party of No” strategy over the last decade.  Obstructionism, unprecedented use of the filibuster, shutting down the government, and sabotaging everything that Obama and Democrats try to accomplish are just some of the childish, tantrum-like actions of the GOP in recent years.

Everything that Trump says, as well as most of what the GOP says, are lies, deceptions, and falsehoods.  If you tried to redact out the lies in a printed version of ANY of Trump’s speeches, you would need a paint brush instead of a magic marker.  At best, Trump supporters are blind and the rest of Conservatives are seriously misguided.  So angry and hostile, but for the wrong reasons and at the wrong things.  The GOP’s strategy?  Screw things up as much as possible for people, and then blame Democrats, Liberals, and minorities.


Can Being Open-Minded Be A Disadvantage?

Against all odds, against all logic, against all reason, and against all sanity, it appears that this election is actually a close one. America has officially slipped into “Bizzaro World.” Donald Trump should be so far behind Hillary that this election should be all but decided. The fact that he is not is a testament to the power of the vast, extremely well-funded, decades-long campaign of deception and brain-washing of the American people waged by the very few and powerful and wealthy elite in this country.
America is a widely-divided nation. Whether you label the sides of this division Left and Right, Conservatives and Liberals, or Democrats and Republicans, the irony of the situation is that what should be one of the Left’s greatest assets, the ability to think clearly and accept changes to their opinions and beliefs in the light of new information, can also work to their detriment.
Those on the right (including the “Libertarians”) seem to have their beliefs hard-wired into their brains, and will believe the one wacko voice in a sea of reason and truth that supports those beliefs. Deceiving these folks is easy – they want to be deceived.
The real work of deceiving America into self-destruction lies in sowing enough seeds of doubt into the minds of those on the Left (Including the so-called “Greens”) so that enough of them will not vote or vote third-party.
This has been successful in the past to the point that a whole new term has been coined to describe it – “Swift-Boating.” Yes, swift-boating John Kerry helped give Bush a 2nd term, and the swift-boating of Hillary has gone on for decades and is in full-swing today. And sadly, it is working, even on some of the smartest and staunchest Liberals and Progressives I know. With enough lies, enough accusations, repeated over and over, even those who usually think for themselves can be affected. If Trump was not the worst and most despicable candidate in history, he would be WAY out in front by now. But with enough deceit, even the Devil could win an election.
So why are free-thinkers at a disadvantage?? Because you cannot sway those on the Right with any amount of truth, reason, and facts, but with enough deceit and swift-boating, you may be able to fool some of those on the Left.

September Letter To The Editor

Donald Trump lives in a triangular universe.  At one corner of the triangle is what he actually thinks and believes.  At the 2nd corner is what he says in public, and at the third corner is truth and reality.  These three corners are completely unconnected and have nothing in common.

Why is it that Conservatives are supporting a candidate who utterly fails every test that Conservatives have been touting for years as absolutely essential for a President?  Family values??  Anyone out there giving him better than an ‘F’ grade on that?  Foreign policy experience??  Zippo on that!  Integrity??  Fiscal responsibility??  Give him an ‘F’ on those as well.

So why is Trump the GOP nominee?  Perhaps it is because he gets an ‘A’ in all the things that are the secret requirements for the GOP to support someone for President.  He is wealthy, he is an angry white man, he excels in deception and manipulation, he hates everyone who is not white and Christian, he treats women like property, he is a racist, a bigot, and a chauvinist, and most of all, he is willing to do and say anything to get what he wants.  Sounds like a perfect fit for the GOP!

The rise of Donald Trump has finally exposed what the GOP and the radical right are all about.  So Conservatives, are you going to follow the other lemmings off the cliff, or are you going to think for yourself for a change?


January Letter To The Editor

My latest letter to the editor:

It ain’t rocket science.  It’s the economy, and it’s not that difficult to understand.  Whether you call it “Trickle-Down” vs. “Bubble-Up” economics or “Supply-Side” vs. “Demand-Side” economics, it boils down to one simple question.  In a recession, do you get more money into the hands of consumers, or do you try to get more money into the hands of the wealthy?

When consumers are suffering and have no money to spend beyond the necessities of life, there is NO discretionary spending, and thus NO demand for products and services.  Proponents of Trickle-Down argue that getting more money to “Job Makers” creates jobs that will put money into the hands of consumers.  The fatal flaw in that argument is that it’s putting the cart before the horse.  No matter how much cash they have on hand, business decision-makers in their right minds will NEVER add jobs and increase production if there is no demand for their products – period!

The purpose of any business is to make a profit by satisfying consumer demand.  No demand, no profits, no new jobs.  However, if consumer demand is high and businesses have no on-hand cash, banks love it because that’s when giving business loans is low-risk because of the potential profits.  No bank ever loaned dirt-poor consumers money to increase their spending power.

Sorry Conservatives, but your stoic belief in Trickle-Down is misguided, and the GOP’s constant mantra about “Job-Makers” is a deception, especially in a recession – an intentional deception.


Some Of My Recent Thoughts

Recently posted by me in FaceBook:

War on women, voter suppression, unprecedented obstructionism, anti-immigration reform, anti-minimum wage increase, anti-unions, anti-student loan reform, anti-science, anti-worker, climate-change denial, birther supporters, pro-wealthy, pro tax cuts for the rich, anti tax cuts for the middle class, racists, legitimate rape, filibuster addicts, Tea Party slaves, and still the GOP is competitive? Are Conservatives terminally mentally ill???

The potential of any nation is equal to the summation of the potentials of each and every citizen of that nation. Since potential is non-transferable, when any citizen falls short of their potential, so does the nation.

THAT is why the Liberals have it right – for the good of the nation, it’s government should be doing all it can to see that each and every citizen has the best chance possible to reach their potential. THAT means removing the obstacles, such as HARDSHIP, and opening the path to accomplishment by providing OPPORTUNITY.

The side of today’s issues that the Liberals and Progressives are on is all about reducing hardship and providing opportunity to those having the most difficulty reaching their potential. The wealthy and powerful have already gone a long way towards reaching their potential. The middle class and the poor still have a very long way to go. Conservatives and the GOP fight to give MORE to those who already HAVE, and THAT is the OPPOSITE of what needs to be done to help America reach her full potential.

The only “equality” we are all born with is the fact that we all have some level of potential. Nothing else is “equal.” The circumstances we are born into varies from abject poverty to wealth & power. Those circumstances go a long way in determining just how close to fulfilling our potential we will be able to get, and how difficult it will be.

There is no law of nature that states that the greatest potential will be born into the best circumstances. Great potential can appear anywhere and in anyone. So, it behooves a society, a nation, a species, to nurture and help those who are born into the most limiting circumstances to ensure that great potential is not lost or suppressed.

Anyone who does not vote in this, or any, election has no standing for complaining about the result or impact (immediate or long-term) from the election.  Unfortunately, those in this country who understand the truth of those results and impacts are also the least likely to vote. Those who are blinded to the truth by hate, fear, racism, and anger are the most likely to vote.  The GOP knows all of this and takes full advantage of the situation. The only way to stop them is for thinking Americans to get out and vote in greater numbers than those who only think with their brain stems.



Simple Truths Number Eight

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Simple Truths Number 5

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