February Letter To The Editor

Capitalism is good and socialism is bad, right?  Not so fast.  Whether you think of these terms as philosophies or economic policies, they do not operate like the traditional light switch – on or off – all or nothing.  They are more like dimmer switches with an infinite number of levels, and yes, they can even coexist.  In fact, extreme capitalism, especially unregulated capitalism, is at least as bad as extreme socialism.  Unregulated capitalism would be like a large brawl, where a very few, come out ahead, and everyone else is dead in the water.

Money is power, and as we can see from today’s inequality gap, that power can be, and is, used to “game the system” and make it impossible for anyone else to climb out of their economic situation.  For a strong, affluent society, human accomplishment must be maximized, and the potential for accomplishment is not limited to any demographic, not even affluence.  And yes, the motivation provided by some level of capitalism is important, but so is the opportunity and lack of hardship provided by some level of socialism.

But years of propaganda and indoctrination, orchestrated by the 1%, has stigmatized the term “socialism,” and turned “capitalism” into some sort of God to be worshiped.  The question is, can you readers and the rest of the voters in this country, set aside your hate, fear, and anger long enough to actually use your brain and not cower in abject fear when you hear the term “socialism?”