My name is David Desautel.  I am a leading-edge Baby Boomer, born in 1947.  I am a Vietnam veteran, a retired computer professional or 40 years, and a life-long Elvis Presley fan.  I am sorry to say that, in the past, I did not pay much attention to politics, and simply voted for whomever I liked the best.  That sometimes led me to vote for Republicans, and sometimes Democrats.

During the Clinton impeachment, I begin to pay attention to what was happening in Washington, and soon noticed that the Republicans did not seem to care about public opinion, the polls, or getting on with the business of government.  They only cared about getting the Clintons.  Public polls were overwhelmingly against any impeachment proceedings.  I joined an online organization called MoveOn.org, and I am still a member.

Then came the 2000 election.  The first thing I noticed were the debates between Gore and Bush.  I am an extremely logical, organized, and analytical person, almost to a fault, and as I listened to the debates, I could see that Gore was making valid points and Bush was slipping & sliding around the questions and accusations.  He was not really making any valid points, but sounded like he was.  I was astounded that the moderator, commentators, and news people DID NOT point out these obvious tricks and side-stepping of the issues.  And worse yet, the audience interviews after the debates made it clear that the average viewer was also not picking up on these tactics.  I was disappointed in the people, but disgusted and angry with the media.

Then came the election itself.  I happened to be working at home during this period, so I was watching TV when the fiasco in Florida began.  As I watched what was happening, again I was astounded by the lies and deceit coming from the Republicans, and especially the lack of truth-checking by the media.  I also joined the discussions on a popular political online bulletin board (CBS “Eye on Politics?”), and then came my next shocking revelation.  I had no idea of the size, depth, and hatred of the gulf between Conservatives and Liberals in this country.  I found this very stressful and unnerving.  So, I reacted as I always do to stress – I dived into the issues, researching on the Internet.  I read the applicable Florida State election statutes, I analyzed the sides and claims of each side on the issues, and I determined what was was right and correct.  I spent literally hundreds of hours online doing this.  As a result, I could see that Gore and the Democrats were exactly right on all the issues, and were doing everything by the book, while Bush and the Republicans were lying, deceiving, SPINNING, and cheating.

So, I posted my findings and naively expected them to be accepted because of the facts and logic I included in my posts.  Instead, I was called every name in the book, my family was disparaged, and the “great right-wing conspirators” attempted to tear me apart.  But, I never lost an argument, and this drove them crazy.  Their arguments always degraded into name calling and flat denials of the facts.  Of course, they never admitted I was right.

Then came the completely and blatantly bogus decision of the United States Supreme Court, which effectively appointed Bush to the Presidency, against the will of the people.  Later, it was shown by NORC (an independent research organization), which was commissioned by a consortium of several news organization to examine the 160,000 disputed ballots in Florida, that Gore actually did win Florida, and thus the election.  This is the great American coup of 2000, perpetrated by the conservatives and the Republican Party, and enabled by five corrupt justices on the USSC.  The result has been 8 years of the most disastrous, corrupt, inept, and un-American Administration in the history of this country.  I will never vote Republican again.

And, I have since been posting, blogging, talking, and postulating political facts and logical arguments in as many forums as possible.  Logic, reason, and analysis has led me to the Liberal side of the political fence, and that is what The Reverse Spin is all about – using logic and facts to counter the manipulation, deceit, and lies of the massive conservative and Republican SPIN machine.



  1. I always sort of imagined that grammar was very similar to logical/analytical stuff. I always believed that’s why French came so elementary to me. back then I thought languages were my thing and I considered studying Chinese or Japanese, but had to come to the decision that Chinese might not occur easy for me at all, b/c being satisfactory at understanding grammar isn’t genuinely the difference-maker (which is exceedingly important in french I’d say), but interpreting and recognizing distinct tones is.

  2. T_P_K says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks for the follow on twitter; I came over here to say hello, and note we have a lot in common, born in ’47, Vietnam vet, progressive liberal, dedication to logic and reason, etc. Well except for that Elvis thing. 😉

    Blogging, tweeting, art and video keep me over-extended, but I’ll try and drop by now and then to drop off a couple cents worth.

    Be well!


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