March Letter To The Editor

So, Trump supporters and Conservatives – are you capable of being honest with yourself?  If yes, then you know that, if Obama had issued a tweet about Bush like Trump did about Obama, he would have been impeached and you folks would have been in an uproar, possibly an armed rebellion!

In fact, there are hundreds of things Trump has done or said, as President, as a candidate and before, which done or said by ANY democrat at ANY level of government would have resulted in that politician being run out of office on a rail and out of politics for good.  You know it’s true.

So, what is wrong with you people?  How can you give Trump a pass on so many things that you would condemn any Democrat for?  How can so-called Christians support a man who was caught on tape saying he tried to “move on” a married women “like a bitch” and that he likes to just grab women by the genitals?  How can Fiscal Conservatives support someone who filed for bankruptcy 6 times?  How can family value advocates support someone who has been married 3 times and cheated on his first wife?

One Conservative told me he doesn’t like having money taken from his pocket and given to someone else.  Is that what you people think social programs do?  I’ve got news for you, that’s exactly what the GOP does, but the “someone else” with them is the very wealthy!


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