Political Lies

So, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes, but lost the electoral vote. A very close election, by any measure.

Throughout the campaign, Trump and his cronies, and the GOP, told many, many blatant lies about Hillary and leveled many false accusations. These were not hidden or hard to check on lies, they were lies and accusations that could, and still can, be easily fact-checked and proven false.

As a result, Hillary lost the election, did not get the job she was applying for, lost a chance to make history, and also by any measure, was severely damaged as a person.

Now, I’m just a logical guy, and as such, I must bring up the obvious logical question. Just what logic or reasoning or law or regulation prevents Hillary from taking legal action against those whose lies caused her so much loss, heartache and damage to her reputation?

Surely slander, libel, defamation of character, and other legal remedies should be available to Hillary, and for that matter ANY politician, when outright lies about them cause such damage to their careers and reputations?

By what logical, reasonable, or sane reasons are political speeches and campaigns exempt from laws and regulations that govern every other kind of communication? If this were an individual who was applying for a high-paying job and did not get it because he or she was slandered on national television, surely legal action would be taken. Are those who have careers in public service and must be elected to get the positions they desire any less deserving of these protections?

As Donald Trump has so tragically demonstrated, American politics are rife with lies, deceit, and character assassinations, and the targets suffer just as much loss as those in the private sector. And with politics, the damage often extends way beyond the individuals involved to the entire country and even the world.

Is it not true that a voter who has been deceived into voting against her or his own self-interest has effectively had his or her right to vote denied? Is that, in itself, a crime against The Constitution?


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