Fascism In The White House

You cannot protect your way of life by compromising your way of life. You cannot protect your values by violating your values. You cannot protect your people by closing your borders. You cannot make Americans safe by turning them into Russians.

Trump and his Administration are responding to a non-problem by doing all the wrong things for the wrong reasons, and are costing taxpayers millions while only accomplishing the opposite of what they say they are accomplishing.

Dissent is not something you can allow or disallow. People will disagree whether you want them to or not. What you can do, if you have the power, is force people to keep their dissent to themselves. But to not hear the dissent or opinions of others is to believe that you already know everything there is to know, and only a narcissistic megalomaniac would believe that.

Donald Trump is exactly that – a narcissistic megalomaniac. He believes he is above the law, the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, criticism, reproach, and questioning. Supporters and folks who are not thinking straight are saying that Trump is just doing what he promised to do as a candidate, as if that were automatically a good thing. Trump’s campaign was just as full of lies, deceit, impossibilities, illegalities, ignorance, fear-mongering, and racist hate as his first month in the Oval Office has been.

Trump is a fascist. Attacking the press is politics, suppressing the press is fascism.


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