A Tough Question

There has recently been some stirring in the question of whether the ends justify the means .  With the death of Osama Bin Laden, some are questioning our actions, not only the legality but also the morality.

I am actually torn on this subject myself.  Personally, I think that the tactics used by terrorists, the use of innocent bystanders and uninvolved people of all ages as weapons, take away all rights the terrorists have to be treated legally and in a civilized manner.

On the other hand, taking actions outside of your own rules and sense of what is right does its own damage to a society.  This is a difficult quandary, and one that is not easily settled by logic, or emotion, alone.  The “ends” are certainly justified when it comes to killing terrorists, but giving up our own ideals and laws to accomplish these ends is harmful to our image –  our self image as well as how the world views us.  Is it worth it??


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  1. I think it’s worth it in this case. I share your uneasiness but when the only option left to us is to do it this way, I don’t see why not because I don’t think it’ll be right to let that murderer keep living and planning and carrying out further murders just because we want to deal with him “our way”

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