The Great Divide – Liberals & Conservatives

Unfortunately, I spent much of my adult life not paying much attention to politics or the battle between Liberals and Conservatives.  I’ve voted for Republicans and Democrats in the past.  Being painfully shy and introverted most of my life, being conservative to me meant not being a risk-taker.  My first exposure to what was going on was during the Clinton impeachment.  It seemed wrong to me that they were investigating Clinton’s personal and private life when it was not illegal and had no impact on the performance of his duties as President.  I did not condone Clintons actions, but the fervor and tenaciousness of the investigation and the media coverage seemed to me a colossal and spiteful waste of time.  Being on the Internet a lot at the time, I discovered that the polls were showing that a large majority of Americans felt the same way as I did.  My first rude awakening –  Republicans did not seem to care what their constituents thought or wanted.  I found and joined

That was a rude awakening, but I lost my political virginity during the 2000 election.  I have written before about how my logic and analysis, and hundreds of hours researching online, revealed to me that on every issue in Florida during that election, the Democrats were correct and the Republicans were full of BS.  I have also posted about my shocked surprise to find out that the mainstream media no longer valued providing the actual truth to their listeners, but instead allowed any claim or statement without truth-checking.  But for this post, the relevant rude awakening for me was discovering just how deep, wide, and ugly the gulf between Liberals and Conservatives is.  The anger and hatred is astounding.

I am, by nature, extremely logical, organized, analytical, and detail-oriented.  That is how my mind works, and those are the tools I use to discover the truth and make decisions.  That is how I came to the Liberal side of the Political fence.  In the long-term, the policies and programs championed by Liberals will build a stronger economy, increase posterity for everyone, and bring the American dream to the most Americans.  However, this begs the question –  why are Conservatives so against these policies?  How do Conservatives come to different conclusions?

In my mind, there are three ingredients to logical analysis, without which logic is meaningless.  The process has to begin with an understanding of current reality.  What are the facts, how do things interact and impact each other, and what are the interrelationships.  The endpoint of the process is some desired change in reality.  Some goal or state of being that we are trying to reach or achieve.  So, we need to know where we are and where we want to go.  Logical analysis then, involves designing the steps, behaviors, policies, and actions that will work best in bringing us from current reality to desired reality.

So, given this perspective, the first question that came to my mind relative to the polarizing differences between Liberals and Conservatives was –  are they both trying to reach the same endpoint, or are the desired realities that much different between Liberals and Conservatives?  Aren’t we all Americans?  Don’t we all treasure the founding philosophies of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, freedom of religion, and so-on?  Don’t we all want to prosper and have a high standard of living?  Don’t we all want America to have a strong economy and be the shining light of freedom in the world?  I believe that the answers to these questions are all yes, and that these general overall goals are the same for Conservatives and Liberals.

Well, if we all want the same things, then the differences must lie elsewhere.  What’s left in the logical analysis process is the understanding of current reality, and the behaviors, policies, and actions that will lead to the agreed-upon endpoints.  This is where I believe Conservatives, or the conservative philosophies (I do not like to stereotype), go astray.  I do not claim that Conservatives are evil or purposefully advancing policies that are bad for America, I believe that they are mostly well-meaning and honest Americans.  But there is a basic difference between Liberals and Conservatives.  At the core, Conservatives tend to be a little more restrictive, a little less tolerant of the behaviors of others, and a little less open-minded than Liberals.  This is not to say there is a major gap between these core values.  I believe the differences are quite small, and Liberals and Conservatives are not that far apart at the core (we are all Americans after all!).  But the small difference is important because it tends to lead us in different directions when considering issues and policies for America.  The end result of traveling different paths of analysis and logic is the huge gulf we see in discussions and politics.

Of course, it is not as simple as all that.  There is another huge and malevolent force in America dedicated to interceding into the logical analysis process used by American voters in order to pervert and twist both their understanding of the current reality, and the logical actions and steps that should be taken to reach the common goals.  This force is what I call the Republican/Conservative Power Structure (RCPS).  The RCPS is a relatively small group of Americans (and international partners) who are wealthy and/or owners or executives of huge business enterprises.  The RCPS funds and controls Republican leaders and the GOP, and their main tactic is taking over the government and destroying Democracy.  Their goal is the destruction of the middle class, with the few wealthy having and controlling all wealth and power.

The average Conservative in America is not part of the RCPS, but because of the small core differences between Liberals and Conservatives, the latter are an easier target for the RCPS.  Decades of deceit has indoctrinated many Conservatives with an unreasonable and illogical hatred and fear of anything that is remotely “liberal.”  The fantasy of liberalism coming into their homes and taking their stuff and money to give to others, the threat of socialism, is total and complete BS, but widely believed by the core of conservatism.  And for most of them, this divisive and polarizing alternate reality sabotages the logical analysis process before it can even start.  That, of course, is exactly the outcome desired by those doing the brain-washing and indoctrination.

So, the great divide in this country is not really between Liberals and Conservatives.  These two philosophies are a lot closer than people think.  The end goals are almost identical.  In effect, the divide is a false divide, constructed over decades by the Republican/Conservative Power Structure using deceit, manipulation, fear, hatred, and any other tool they could find in order to convince those Americans who tend to be more constrained and traditional in their views (Conservatives) that Liberals are the enemy.  The basic problem is that the world changes very rapidly and uncontrollably, and Conservatives tend to resist change more than Liberals.  Many of the “back to America’s roots” and literal and strict interpretation of the Constitution ideas are simply not practical in a vastly changed world.  This is not to say we should throw out or drastically change the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  But, like any document, creed, policy, or philosophy that needs to stand the test of time, it is not the literal words put down by the originators to which we must be true, but the intent and goals of those words.  Life, liberty, freedom, the pursuit of happiness, freedom of and from religion, checks & balances, and the rest of the fantastic ideas and achievements of The Founding Fathers, represent their intent.  The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the paths to the achievement of that intent, and the Amendment process, along with the interpretation and application of intent by the judiciary, are the flexibility given to us by The Founding Fathers that is necessary for keeping the intent alive through the years as the world continues to change.



  1. commentary says:

    Great article dave. Of course, the divide has always been between the rich and the poor, and everything we think divide us has been thrown in our way by our real enemy, the rich who are represented by the Republican Party. They put these things out there to keep us squabbling between ourselves while they quietly go about their business of plundering our common wealth. I wrote a blog called the GOP’s divide and rule tactic which you may find interesting.

  2. dadepfan says:

    Thanks for the comment. I read your blog article and left the following comment:

    I couldn’t agree more, and thanks for the historical information, which I have not been that aware of, but probably would have guessed if asked. I believe that any possibility of defeating this tactic lies with the dissemination of information to voters via the media. Unfortunately, today’s mass media has lost all integrity and have become divided into three camps. Obvious enablers of the Divide and Rule tactic like Faux Noise, the mainstream “repeat what is said without fact-checking or debunking the lies” media, and a few small sources of actual truth like MSNBC. I have discussed this on my Reverse Spin blog:

  3. Logan Araque says:

    I ‘m a single woman hoping to go to college what exactly is a planned cut in the department of education likely to mean with regard to grants for people like me?

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