Republicans Turn Their Backs on the Tea Party?

So what else is new?  The Tea Party is just another group of misguided people that Republicans cosy up to, lie to, deceive, and manipulate to get elected.  Once elected, the Republicans go back to exactly what they have always done –  screw everyone except big business and the wealthy.  Tax cuts for the rich and to hell with the deficit.  Unfortunately, it is the same in every election cycle.  The Republican SPIN machine, Faux Noise (Fox News), Flush Limp-Bough (Rush Limbaugh) and all their ilk ratchet up the noise and corporate-owned media simply repeats all the lies and passes on the deceptions.

To be sure, there are those who always vote Republican no matter what, but even these people are victims of a decades-long indoctrination using lies and deception, causing them to hate and fear any whiff of Liberalism.  They are voting against their own best interests as well, they just do it automatically.  In this election cycle, corporate and wealthy interests took over the initial Tea Party movement, turning it into a pseudo-grassroots movement that appealed to the very worst elements in American society.  Hate, racism, anti-government, and other radical and extreme fringes of society are a major part of the Tea Party.

Republicans are rock-steady and consistent in their agenda –  Work for big business and the wealthy, no matter what the cost to all the rest of America.  However, Republicans are constantly changing and altering their methods of deception and how and who they deceive into voting for them.  Informed voters are the greatest enemy of Republicans.


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