Religious Intolerance

What can be more un-American than religious persecution and intolerance? This country was was born out of escape from religious persecution. The current persecution and intolerance aimed at the Muslim religion in this country is disgusting and against one of the most important and revered pillars of the American founding ideals – freedom of religion. Those who know better yet fan the flames of hatred and intolerance for political gain are traitors to what makes America special.

The Republican/Conservative power structure are without honor and will stop at nothing to regain political power. Race-baiting, fear-mongering, hate-speech, and everything deceitful and manipulative are all tools they are using on a daily basis. Bin Laden and alQaeda have no greater allies than those on the American Right who use terrorism and 911 to erode and destroy the very American ideals that they pretend to be upholding. In my book, these people on the right are traitors and the real enemies of America


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