Democrats Pass Health Care – Republicans Vote Against the American People

True to form tonight, the Republicans did not cast a single vote for the health care bill or the reconciliation bill.  Not a single vote.  The Democrats, as usual, had to struggle and work very hard to scrape together the 216 votes needed to pass these bills without a single Republican vote.  There were some Democrat who voted against the bills.

As I have said in the past, the Republicans in Congress act as a single entity, pushing the agenda of the wealthy and big business.  The Democrats are the party of the people, and like the people they represent, they are spread out in their opinions, philosophies, and values.  It is a fact that a political party acts as widely or narrowly as the interests and beliefs of those for whom they work.  The Republicans are working for a small group of well-to-do, elite, arrogant, selfish people who have the money and the power, and want more money and power.  Democrats work for the people.

Because the Democrats work for many millions of people in all walks of life, and reflect the large variety of beliefs, philosophies, and values that these people hold, they are at a disadvantage when fighting the narrow and focused agenda of the Republicans.  If the membership in Congress is evenly divided, or even if the Democrats have a small majority, getting enough votes to pass something is still difficult for the Democrats because of this variety.  Republicans have no problems getting their entire party to vote as one.

It is easy for apathetic people and white-washed media to simply say that “all politicians lie,” or “ Washington is broken,” without pointing out or understanding that the two major political parties are not equally complicit in the problem.  In the name of being “fair and balanced,” mainstream media is in fact extremely unfair and biased.  By inaccurately reporting politics in such a way as to make both parties look just as good, just as honest, and just as right, mainstream media is being biased against, and unfair to, the Democratic Party, the American people, and America as a whole.

With lies, with hate, with deception, with manipulation, with threats, with fear-mongering, and with a total lack of integrity, Republicans, to the very end, fought against the American people and for the health insurance companies.   As far as I am concerned, the Republicans and the Conservative power structure are traitors to the American people and American values.



  1. michael says:

    First of all it sounds like you really have no idea what your talking about take your agenda and shove it! im sick of libs no matter what you think most of the time states or citys with liberal politicians have high crime rates low literacy rates so no matter how much you like you retarded philosophy it will never work right for this country no matter how popular it may be. Thats all so while you do illegal narcotics and read this just think of how many people died needlessly under marxism communism and oh yes your imperialism which i say is really lib in nature! Thanks have a nice day

  2. dadepfan says:

    Hi Michael

    Quite a spew of hate, anger, and name-calling you have here. The passing of health care reform must have pissed you off. I assume you are a Republican? You should read my post called “There are Only Two Kinds of Republicans” on this blog. Which kind are you?

    You are either very confused or deliberate in your deceptive lack of logic, lack of facts, and fallacious arguments. First, do you have empirical numbers to back up your assertion that “most of the time states or citys with liberal politicians have high crime rates low literacy rates?” Even if there is (or was) such a correlation between liberal leaders and crime/literacy levels, you cannot simply pick two facts and assert this kind of a cause-and-effect relationship. This is an example of a logical fallacy, and it is one well used by Republicans and Conservatives. It is more likely that low literacy rates and high crime rates are the result of poverty and hard lives. And guess what? People in those situations tend to vote for Liberal politicians because Liberals give a damn about them.

    What is it that you do not like about health care reform that is going to provide coverage for more Americans, reduce health care costs for everyone, reduce the deficit, reduce waste and abuse, help the economy, and save lives? If the millions of personal bankruptcies that have been caused by impossible medical bills had not happened, those millions of people would still be working, still be spending, and still be contributing to the economy. The ONLY people who should be against health care reform are those who directly benefit from the monopoly choke-hold of the health insurance companies, and their obscene profits (obtained at the cost of American lives).

    What the selfish, greedy, and short-sighted wealthy and big-business executives in this country do not understand is that when more people become more successful, they contribute more to the economy, and the wealthy & big-business executives make more money!

    Do me a favor – look up Liberal and Conservative in the dictionary, and see what they really mean.

  3. MandT says:

    I’ve been a lifelong Democrat and over the past forty years have seen a lot. This pathetic excuse for a Health Care Reform is a sad commentary on what has become of the Democratic Party—-a legislative wing of the insurance lobby. Think about it further—-over 1/4 million (mostly senior citizens) will die of ‘preexisting-conditions’ until 2-14.

  4. dadepfan says:

    I agree, but it may be better than nothing. More importantly, passing nothing would be a disaster for the only available party that at least tries to work for the people. Sadly, we live under a system that limits the practical choices to mediocre and just plain evil. A wishy-washy Democrat is still 100 times better than any Republican.

    But I have also been furious at the Democrats ever since the great American coup of 2000. Having the opposition appointed to the Presidency by the USSC must have also removed the spines of Democrats, because they have been whimpering simps ever since.


  5. Great post, I would recommend that you make it a bit more convenient to share this to some social media sites, throw up a big add to twitter button or something in a few places that are obvious. No sense in making it too much work to add your stuff. Also, I really like your comment layout here, is it the default setup for your theme or did you customize it?

  6. dadepfan says:

    Hi Mayan

    Thanks for the recommendation, I will look into it. Also, the comment layout came with the theme. The WordPress theme I am using is called Eximius, and there is a link at the very bottom of all the pages to the site.


  7. If you need someone to write a guest post at your site at some point, please let me know, I totally agree with most of the stuff you wrote and it’s very a insteresting topic!

  8. You got to be kidding me! How can you write something like that? Nah, just kidding 🙂 Great post and I like your site

  9. Just how can the Republicans justify continues financing of these wars and at the exact same time reduce the budget from the Department of Ed?

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